ABS-CBN's "Tayong Dalawa" Inspired by Pearl Harbor movie?

I just watched the movie Pearl Harbor"last night. It was a very old movie shown in theaters few years back but it was shown as a Sunday Special of television station ABS-CBN. Before it was shown last night my mom was watching an ABS-CBN show. I was not supposed to watch it but I got curious when the movie started so I waited until its final end. It was, indeed, a fantastic movie no wonder it became a blockbuster hit during its showing days in different theaters worldwide. All I thought the movie was only all about war and did not expect that there were so much to learn in the said movie, as it gave a new meaning to bravery, friendship and love.

I also noticed something in the movie storyline that it was related to an ABS-CBN TV series "Tayong Dalawa". The storyline also tells about friendship, bonding, profession and love triangle of three people – two brothers and their love interest to the same girl. I wonder if they would also have the same ending. I just thought that maybe the screenplay of “Tayong Dalawa” was also inspired by that movie.