Laughter for Long Life!

According to a getology studies (from the Greek Gelos means laughter) laughter is very good to your health. It proves to be therapeutic to illness like hypertension and high blood pressure because of sustained artificial relaxation that improved. Gelotogist say that our lives would be better off with laughter, practically every organs of our body will have a hearty workout when we laugh. It is also a good therapy for people who has painful conditions like arthritis. And a modest number of calories may burn off as we laugh.

Did you know that there are 3 kinds of laughter?
1.) Nervous Laugh
As Freddie Aguilar suggested in his song "Tawanan mo ang yung problema". Nervous laugh is use when we try to escape our problem and difficulty.
2.) Sarcastic Laugh
This kind of laugh is use when we want to ridicule on someone to throw insult.
3.) Innocent laughter
This is the kind of laugh that happens when you here jokes, see something funny or caught yourself on funny situations. This is the laughter that breaks a tense atmosphere.