Micheal Jackson Finally Say His Goodbye!

At the Age of 50, Micheal Jackson the King of Pop had his last breath yesterday afternoon after arriving at a hospital in a deep coma. 

 It was said that Jackson had been taken ill at his home and found not breathing by paramedics who rushed him to a hospital. 

The paper's report followed news of Jackson's death first reported by the TMZ entertainment website, which said that the singer suffered a cardiac arrest. The news of his death was not immediately confirmed by Jackson's family, or spokespeople for them.

Family spokesman Brian Oxman told CNN that members of the singer's family, including his sister La Toya and brother Jermaine, were at the hospital. "They are in a room by themselves. They are quiet and they are sobbing," Oxman said.

Oxman said he had not been told whether Jackson had died.

---Yahoo News

As we all know Micheal Jackson created the best pop song's  that made the world stand up and dance. His hits includes "Thriller", "Smooth Criminal" and "Bellie Jean". He also created the famous dance moves and his signature dance move which is the "moonwalk".