Old Time Collections of Mom

Are you a collector? Do you love to collect anything which interests you? Stamps, gold coins, books, figurines and other stuffs… Do you still collect those things until now? I’ve taught about these questions because I used to collect before but as I grow up I forgot about it anymore.

I remember I used to collect gold coins and kept it in a gold chest which I bought just for the purpose of keeping it there. However, everything I collect has gone. I don’t know how and when but it all gone and I don’t remember anything about it anymore.

Yesterday as I was cleaning in our house I saw some old things which my mom kept aside. I saw her old time collections. There are old stamps where she collected from the letters she received from friends of different countries. She also collected interesting gold coins and other coins from several countries. I was really fascinated when I saw it. I can’t believe that my mom used to collect those stuffs especially gold coins. I would love to know the stories on how she gathered all those amazing gold coins. I’m sure it’s not the same gold coins I used to collect since it seem to look different. And those gold coins which my mom collected are more ancient and real than what I used to collect.