My Friend's Satellite Directv

I have a close friend who is in Houston now. She is a homebody so this holiday she just spend holiday at the comforts of her apartment. She said that she discovered a great deal of holiday special promo from Direct TV which offers 150 plus digital channels in a package of her choice. So as a gift to herself she purchased a Direct Satellite TV. I was really laughing at her while we were chatting, she haven't change a bit. And even if she's in the different country now she still want to spend most of her time at home. She always enjoyed watching TV or movies. I dont know if its good or bad now that she isn't here anymore to share that addiction with me. And she's supposed to be enjoying the new place where she work now. I just hope she will take time sightseeing and visiting some great spots in the place. I even ask her to take pictures of the place or maybe to the great spots so that she would go out specially this holidays since I'm very curious how is holidays celebrated in Houston. Hopefully she will grant my little favor. But for now I guess I need to give her time since she is still very hook up with her new Satellite Directv.