Kylie Minogue Concert in Manila

The Kylie Minogue Concert in Manila was really a winner. Well, thanks to Divine Lee who posted some photos on the event on her blog. I felt I have witness the concert myself too while playing soundtracks on Kylie Minogue Aphrodite album as background while reading. :D I really love Kylie's gowns and head dress that she wear in the concert, it was really for a goddess. The costume designs and centerpieces are really amazing too! And, as I was reading trough Divine Lee's blog I discovered that Kylie Minogue tweeted about them after the concert.

I also found this photo of Anne Curtis riding an MRT (Metro Rail Transit) just to arrive at the concert on time, which retweeted by Kylie Minogue. If Anne Curtis isn't a famous celebrity then it wont be a big deal. Yet it was refreshing and funny to know she did it for her idol. To think its dangerous because fans might run unto her.
And yeah, I watched Gandang Gabi Vice last night and learned that Vice Ganda was named as the Best Dress during Kylie Minogue Concert in Manila. He even showed the memorabilia Kylie Minogue gave to him.
To read Divine Lee's blog post here are the links:
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