MTV Iggy's Best New Band in the World - 2ne1

Blackjacks Rejoice! Korean girl group 2ne1 has been crowned MTV Iggy's Best New Band in the World. Congrats to all the fans who voted - and you'd better brace yourself New York because 2ne1 is coming!

"Going up against 2ne1 is like going up againts the Xmen 10 thousand years. You can beat them, their over the world, their mutants, their crazy, they got super hero powers. Their fans are intense, the Blackjacks. You cant beat them. You cant beat them. But like I said before 2ne1 is like sort of like they have every aspects they have the swag, they have the pop, they look amazing, they know how to dance, they can sing. They're looking like everybody else, the whole thing. There you go congratulation 2ne1.I love you guys. YG Family. Korea!" -- Diplo