What the heck was that for?!

This is in respond to Rhian Ramos & Mo Twister issue! 
To Rhian Ramos. I'm speechless because I never expected a woman like her can do such thing (if the abortion really is true...). Well, yeah ever since I've learned about Rhian Ramos & Mo Twister as couple my initial reaction was "What?! They must be joking me?". And now this issue of abortion happened in Singapore last July 2010 was a big blow not just to Rhian Ramos' character but also to the Philippine Entertainment Industry. Mo stresses in the video that they came to the decision of abortion because "this business is hard on its employee". There reason behind the abortion is because of the entertainment industry pressure? Is that how worst Philippine Entertainment Industry is?! Really the reason is so irrational! A lot of celebrities had an unexpected pregnancies but still some of them continue raising their babies either alone or together.

To Mo Twister. If your man enough why cry over such a loser decision that you yourself agreed to do so? If you love Rhian you should be the person which will calm her down and reason out that abortion is bad. And I doubt he really love her truly because no man would ever do such a thing as publish a video which would make someone you love or used to love to get hurt and worst receive public humiliation not to mention criticism?!

It's obvious I don't like DJ Mo... Well I do like him before as a DJ and host but ever since I followed him on twitter I was like.. Nah this person not worth following.

----- An Update ----

Oooh... well. He did answer my doubts on his love for Rhian. So it's not his fault for publishing the video to the public? What do you think guys? Shoot you point of views in my comment section. 

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