Rachelle Ann Go as Gigi for Miss Saigon 2014 Musical

Miss Saigon - 2014 London Cast Announce

Rachelle Ann Go will be part of the 2014 West End revival of the acclaimed musical Miss Saigon. It will open on May 3, 2014 at the Prince Edward Theater in London. Watch our full interview with Rachelle Ann about her experiences during the audition.

Rachelle Ann Go "Miss Saigon" audition 

She first doubted in auditioning for Miss Saigon but with a lot of friends and fans encouraging her she eventually gave it a try and was able pass and given a callback pass.

Rachelle Ann Go won the BroadwayWorld.com Best Female in a Musical last year just because even at her current age, she can still portray the very innocent, spunky and happy-go-lucky 17 year old Ariel in The Little Mermaid. People believed her raw talent and a lot of people were amazed that even without any theater background, she still performed at par with other theater veterans. Not to mention, all the superlatives that the one and only Lea Salonga described her when the latter watched her perform on stage. Ms. Lea Salonga even commended her to be one who can portray the role of Kim when she was asked who she thought among the Filipina singers could be the next Kim.

In an interview of Lea Salonga at the Buzz in the past Lea also mention most probably Rachelle Ann Go can possibly take a role in Miss Saigon. Checkout the video interview below as well as some of Rachelle's song performances.

Rachelle Ann Go sings I'd Give My Life For You 

Checkout Rachelle singing live one of the song in Miss Saigon Musical - I'd Give My Life For You. This video was taken during a private party for family and friends in Toronto.

Lea Salonga's Miss Saigon Audition

Now lets look back on Lea Salonga's audition in Miss Saigon here is a video documentary...