Teen Spirit TV Movie

Just finish watching Teen Spirit. A TV movie from ABC Family. If your interested to watch the movie, I watched it here.

The story is about Amber, a mean popular girl who gets electrocuted and dies and is not allowed to enter into heaven unless she helps the least popular girl in school become Prom Queen within a week, but things do not go as planned. 

This movie is actually not much different from most other Hollywood teen movie is about popularity, prom night, a guy cross-eyed, the nerdy changed so beautiful, and so on. It's just from every movie I watch, they present a particular plot that looks different even if the edges remain the same. The director dared to show a fresh plot despite its theme can be said to have been common. Already thousands of teen Hollywood movie about this same theme at the end of the story where the protagonist will give a lecture on the stage when the popularity and beauty is not everything, much like the movies "Mean Girls", "Never Been Kissed" and this "Teen Spirit".

Actually for the content of the story, the film also does not make sense with the depiction of dead people obtain relief - or it could be said he could easily get into Heaven just by changing one's life in a matter of days after he hurt many people as she live in the world. But then again, the director is smart enough to associate the idea into a story of a girl who is nerdy suddenly turned super pretty and become prom queen.

Okay it is quite fresh, but the story makes less sense as this makes things tasteless. The characters considered less appropriate because Lisa and Amber look too old for this movie, they are not fit playing the high school girls with their faces and body postures. To add, the portrayal when Amber wants to be moved from Heaven to hell by using a shuttle bus in which there is a plane crew announcements much like boarding on the plane is actually ridiculously hilarious.
And another thing, at the ending where Lisa's suddenly run to the stage during the prom night ceremony to apologize and disclose any bad action she had cause to her friends felt less climactic. Because she apologized immediately after the sudden and next give encouragement to her friends, much like as a motivator that we often see on television, without any expression of regret from Lisa's face at that time. I see it still is rather awkward wrote because suddenly she apologized and just as suddenly she gave a boost but does not coincide with the expressions and gestures worthy of her.

As for the quality of the acting felt it was Cassie Scerbo and Lindsey Shaw too unusual for the character and a story like this. I see them as already established in the act so they need a more challenging role than a simple movie like this. They need to be the one playing in the Hollywood film class higher because their acting is pretty good in my opinion. 

Overall the film is entertaining to teens but a bit corny especially with the afterlife featured in this film.