Pissed Off in Chowking Divisoria!

Today my workmates and I had lunch at Chowking here in Divisoria branch. As usual Chowking is full with customers who are eating lunch. We almost got no seats available because every table is already occupied, good thing we managed to reserve a table for us while one of us ordered the foods for us. After ordering the food my my workmate Angela noticed the cashier punched in the wrong orders so she complained it to the cashier. After everything was fixed, we waited for our orders to arrive only to find out that each of the servings of siomai they gave us lacked a piece so we gave the orders back. Angela was really pissed off because of that experience. Good thing we got her cooled down and continued with our lunch.
Here are the photos of what we ordered:

Chowking Siomai

Beef Chow Fan

Pork Chow Fan

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5 Responses to “Pissed Off in Chowking Divisoria!”
  1. SaNaSaNz says:

    murag sakto man nga tag 4? 3 ra gihatag sa inyo?:)

  2. Rob says:

    Gigutom siguro ang nag serve tapos wala siya sud-an so gikuhaan niya isa inyo siomai... ehehehhe

  3. @Robstroy... waaah.. we ordered 3 servings of siomais and each lacked 1 sioma, so bali tig-3 lang jud ang gi-serve. They should pay attention sa ila i-serve sad oi ky louy ang costumer na dli aware!

  4. @Sanasanz yes tig-3 each lang jud ang gi-serve sa amo wala nko naka take picture sa katong 3 pcs lang na serving ky gi-dali2x na nila kuha. hehehe

  5. arsenique says:

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