Pocketbook Addicted!

I have always been addicted to reading pocketbooks especially Precious Hearts Romances pocketbooks. I like their stories because they make me laugh, cry, fall in-love, hope for dreams to come true, teach me to be strong and I even learn lessons from it. As an avid reader I even have my favorite authors namely: Sheena Rose, Sonia Francisca, Sofia, Martha Cecilia, Vanessa and Arielle. The stories of these authors are what I like to read the most. Each of them has her own technique in making the story excellent and they give a perfect twist which will make you read for more especially on the Series Edition. As I read a lot of their stories I noticed that each author for me has her own forte in writing. Sheena Rose's stories make me laugh out loud because of her funny heroines. Sonia Francisca's books make me shiver with her heroes that are so handsome and manly. Sofia's stories make me shiver and fall in-love. Martha Cecilia got the unexpected twist of the story that will surely make it very interesting although some may find it too fictional already. Vanessa got this extraordinary heroes, she names her heroes with some funny names yet she manages to make them lovable. Most of Vanessa's characters have old names yet they got a cool nicknames. As for Arielle, overall her stories are nice. I have also liked some of the authors in Precious Hearts but these authors are truly the best for me.

This coming May, ABS-CBN will give life to the stories of Precious Hearts Romance series. I just hope they will truely give justice to the stories that I have came to love and choose the right actor/actress to play as the characters of the series.
Below are photos of some my pocketbook collections: