Register Campaigns

Did you know that by 2010 54% of young Filipinos aged 35 and below will be added to the voting population? Around 5 million of them will be first-time voters. In 2007, almost 1 million young Filipinos failed to vote. 75% of them did not know that they needed to register before voting. This is the reason why there are campaigns like "Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo: Ako ang Simula" and "Register and Vote". This campaign encourage first time voters to register and practice their right and choose the deserving leaders for our country. The campaign also help young Filipinos to participate, contribute and be aware of their power to change the face of philippine governance.
It is not enough that we will just talk and complain on how our government officials make our country miserable. We should act and make a difference by registering to the COMELEC and vote for the candidate that will help our country to be in progress.