Girls Generation (SNSD) & 2PM Caribbean Bay CF

In this CF are the hottest and most popular KPop artist, Girls Generation (SNSD) & 2PM Caribbean. The concept is all about “Who will be the hottest Cabi?” with a display of romance scenario as well as sizzling passions of men and women. This video is actually the second version because the release video recieve lots of reactions of the hit scenes

The music video is really oozing with sexyness and hotness... I must say I'm a proud Asian because only not have the talent to boost but also we have the exotic beauty the never fails to capture foreign hearts.

Here's another version which was edited by Charice Pempengco fan for her music Louder. This is actually the video I first saw and after reading its comments I discovered that the video is from the official music video of Cabi Song for Caribbean Bay CF.